Urban Nature Loom

Reflective Resonance, Open Community Weaving Installation:


Created in celebration of the seasonal return of light and color to our environment.  This urban nature loom is an invitation to weave with natural materials and the discards found in our urban green spaces.  Over the process of 3 months the community lovingly wove intentions and wishes to cultivate and bring forth into its warp.  

The Reflective Loom is currently in residence at Heavens Gate Garden, Bed-Stuy.  Squash and other seasonal overtakings are finding their way into the weft integrating intentions within this increasingly natural structure.

At Stem Flower Shop, 112 S Oxford St, Brooklyn, NY 11217

March – June 2017

At Heavens Gate Garden, 168 Hart Street, Brooklyn, NY

June 2017 until fully integrated with nature.

Organically shaped loom of local Oak and Sycamore branches sourced from NJ and BK (to bridge the space between) are strung with charged crystals. The warp is constructed with grasses.   Weaving material offerings include: wool and silk fibers, plastics, dried medicinal herbs, metals and fresh flowers.


The Pod Project is here - a community gathering effort to upscycle plastics bags into a beautiful pod for the garden. 


A sustainable spacial experience.

Community Finger-knit Plastic-Bag PlayPods  -  for children of all ages to delight in.


Heaven's Gate Garden, Bed-stuy

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