Open Art Spark nourishes community, family and the individual through a sensory process of sustainable art projects and spatial experiences.


Meet Corinne and Leela:



Corinne Lee Amato

Corinne  Amato, Co-Creator of Open Art Spark, is an Arts Facilitator, Mother and Cultural Worker. She practices communal art therapy, up-cycling city and sub-urban abundance of discarded materials into beautifully useful objects, weaving communities in the process. Corinne’s career centers upon the axiom “the Arts belong to EVERYONE,” a mindset she attributes to her Washingtonian roots.

A former fixture of the NYC downtown music scene as both a performer and a producer, Corinne propelled the works of new composers with intent to increase classical music’s accessibility. 

The University of California, Berkeley invited her to join their staff where she composed her own role within their performing arts presenting organization.  At Berkeley she unearthed a deep connection to paper arts and printmaking through continued studies. She has led private and public workshops for students of all ages for over 18 years. Corinne derives particular delight making something from nothing with her nine and six year-old daughters.


Leela Le Noury

Leela Le Noury, Co-Creator of Open Art Spark, is a Mother, Artist, Chef, Horticulturalist and Community Activist.  Raised within the communes of the controversial guru Osho, Leela is the daughter of an eco-builder father and fiber artist mother.   The unweaving and reworking of this intricate and mystical childhood web, strung between the United Kingdom and India, is her continual artistic process. 

Transforming materials typically unwanted into something precious, desirable, even magical, is what she endeavors to share through Open Art Spark.  To encourage each of us to view our surroundings with a fresh perspective, a process that can transform beyond art and into each part of our lives, to create strong community at home and in the workplace.

Leela holds a BFA in Fine Arts and Art History from FIT.  She resides in Brooklyn with her musical husband, where they city-school their nine-year-old daughter.